Welcome to Groundswell

I am launching this new blog today to bring together a few different threads of writing and thinking that I have been working on in different parts of my home and work life.

Back when I was in college, I was the ultimate liberal arts student because I took classes in nearly every department, and was constantly looking for intersections between diverse topics. In graduate school this led to me studying American studies, a discipline that allowed and encouraged me to make connections across the university. My work life has equally been an effort in building bridges. Whether it be between literature and ecology or campuses and communities, I have worked to bring diverse viewpoints together to build something new, to find a new perspective, and to complicate our view of the world.

In recent months I have begun writing for a series of blogs, and am increasingly aware of the important connections arising at the intersection of my interests. So, this blog seeks to bring those various threads together, not only to compile and chronicle some of my thinking, but also to discover what new ideas these intersections might suggest.

(Groundswell is not affiliated with any other organization. The views expressed here are mine alone.)