A Slight Change in Format

This is just a short post to announce a few changes here at Groundswell. The first is obvious, I am playing with some new WordPress designs. I am still not entirely satisfied with the stock options on WordPress and may be changing this further soon. Stay tuned.

While the first change is an aesthetic one, the second change is more substantial. This blog has primarily been a forum for my long-form essays, focused around three key issues: media, community, and the land. Over the coming months I’ll be expanding the focus here at Groundswell to include more general (and often times shorter) posts about a range of topics including but never limited to design, parenting, work, teaching, and more.

There are numerous reasons why I am making this change, but it is perhaps sufficient for now to just assure you that this shift should lead to more regular updates, more diversity in topics, and more styles of writing here on Groundswell.

Stay tuned for more soon.

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