Seven Videos of Journalists Arrested at Occupy Wall Street Events Nationwide

It’s been amazing how many of the arrests of journalists have been captured on camera – often by the journalist themselves as they are being arrested. Below are a few of the most dramatic videos of journalists who were arrested at Occupy Wall Street events around the country. See more, and read about all 30 journalists who have been arrested so far, here.

Bob Plain: I was arrested at Occupy Boston

Photojournalist Tyson Zoltan Heder beaten and detained by LAPD at Occupy Los Angeles

Journalist,Faith Laugier- attacked,assaulted and arrested by NYPD: The Shamar Report

AFP journalist films own arrest at NY protest

Nashville Scene Reporter Jonathan Meador arrested by Tennessee Highway Patrol

Journalist Stephanie Pharr gets violently arrested

Jared Malsin, a freelancer reporting for the Local East Village, films his own arrest

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