Fighting for Our Rights to Connect and Communicate in 2014

In my first months on the job here at Free Press I traveled to Chicago and did a bunch of workshops all over the city about media consolidation. I was pretty new to media policy issues, and spent most of the time listening to community members talk about why the media was a life and death issue for them.

I listened to them talk about not hearing anyone who sounded like them on the radio, not seeing any issues that they were struggling with in the newspapers, and constantly seeing their community misrepresented on the evening news.

But I also heard from amazing organizers working in youth radio, journalists who were helping residents start their own newspaper, and digital activists working to connect more people to high-speed Internet access.

These are the stories that still motivate me today. These are the kinds of stories that inspire a lot of the work we do here at Free Press. And I’m lucky to work with an incredible team of people everyday, who inspire me with their passion, smarts and tireless work.

Free Press has been at this for ten years, and I believe this is a turning point. We’ve had one of our most successful years ever, but we have much bigger plans. Some of our biggest fights to defend press freedom and Internet freedom are ahead of us.

FPQuoteMedia and technology in the U.S., and around the globe, is at a moment of profound change and transformation. Now more than ever we need to make sure we it can be a powerful tool for improving people’s lives, raising up new voices and strengthening democracy.

If we want stronger schools, safer communities, a healthier environment – we need a media that actually covers these issues with depth, that holds our leaders accountable and that represents the diversity of our nation.

We are creating a movement for better media in America, a movement that is fighting for all our rights to connect and communicate.

I know a lot of people are asking for your attention and your support this time of year. But as Free Press turns the corner and starts its next decade I believe that we have a unique moment right now to expand the movement and win.

Please consider donating $10, $50 or $100 – whatever you can to support the fight – and it’ll be doubled. We don’t take any money from businesses, political parties or government agencies. We are rely on people like you.

You can donate online right here:

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