1. Life Outside says:

    Josh Stearns
    That is quite a mouthful of “I”s and must impress your friends.
    There is quite a big reading job for any reader to skim through that CV of yours.
    It may be argued that some simple questions will save time and decide any further excavations.
    Where is the Fourth Estate, you know that stuff about holding power to account, where is that in Journalism?
    Those basics of who, what , when why and how and some research / investigation and comparative balancing of perspectives?
    Why etc has the media presenter / writer/journalist become the story.
    Bury the Id ? must have been misinterpreted to possess some sexual connotations at these University lectures / courses on “Journalism”. Or the academics thought to have taught and did naught about the piffle passing off as “journalism”.
    How can any media justify employing “journalists” so that they may self indulge in personal opinions ans self promote vacuous egos? Outer space space, vacuousness stretching beyond the Universe … reaching outwards towards that vast emptiness of celebrity, cronyism, nepotism and all things me,me,me, (an example of the trickle down effect is the “Selfie”)
    And holding power to account at every (any?) level…. that definitely has gone clear out the window and the foolish journo who dares will find him/herself with his/her arse … out a less sophisticated though very high window.
    And that media herd thing ,the whole World carries the same daily news stories. Invariably some celebrity non news or one main daily disaster sometimes two!
    Aha, the Je sui Charlie topping … what was that about ?
    Words like hypocrisy, Dictators, absolute despots, holding placards for / in support of Satire.
    The World is full of reporters jailed for doing routine journalism.
    Try to read and respond.
    Do respond to demonstrate how you can read detail content and comprehend the subject matter. That word “I” may be omitted just for now.



  2. Life Outside says:

    “Awaiting moderation” … hold on that delete … the invite is out there now and Josh cannot
    permit word to go forth that he censors alternative perspectives on the over-use of that first person “I”.

    There is obviously no other part of this comment which justifies a delete button.
    Is there ?


    Yea, it is out there and the Internet never forgets.

  3. Life Outside says:

    The comment I entered was legitimate and appropriate and critical of the use of “I” by a very Stearn Josh. Petty and sad. Must remember to be nice to dearest Josh
    Soft centre US journalism.
    Challenge power ? Never in the USof A

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